Fried Rice Tea it is the best for warming up the palace tea, especially the confinement:

Loss weight, reduce cellulite, reduce edema

Enhance immunity, strengthen physical strength, strengthen body

increasing milk

Warm the uterus, regulate the body

Nourish the body, get rid of moisture

Strengthen the spleen and stomach

Cooling away, quenching thirst, protecting the stomach

No constipation, whitening and smoothing

Chenpi Fried Rice Tea

JB Confinement Food

Skin of Tangerine👉  Indications for spleen and stomach qi stagnation, abdominal distension or pain, indigestion

Rice👉  Strengthen the spleen and stomach, Yijing Qiangzhi, Tongxuemai, Congling eyesight, stop annoyance, quench thirst, stop diarrhea.。

Three-Color Fried Rice Tea

JB Confinement Food

Black Rice👉  Black rice can strengthen the kidney, black rice has extra kidney function, warm liver eyesight

Red Rice👉  Red rice can nourishing heart, red rice has extra blood
Activating blood to phlegm and blood

Brown Rice👉  Yellow can replenish the spleen, so the spleen effect of brown rice is good.
Strengthen the spleen, replenish the vital energy, and promote digestion